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Come participate in our Karst Groundwater Workshops being held November 19th, 2011. Visit for more information.
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Protecting Natural Resources For Future Generations
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The Karst Conservancy is a national level land trust dedicated to protecting vulnerable karst landscapes. Karst is a geologic term used to describe regions characterized by sinkholes, springs, caverns, disappearing streams, and underground rivers. These areas are significant sources of water for much of the population of the United States, but are extremely vulnerable to groundwater contamination. Karst landscapes are also the home to many rare and endangered species, harbor spectacular geologic formations, and contain important historical records of past human activity.
We are actively working in karst regions around the country to permanently protect sensitive karst. We protect karst aquifers by preserving and protecting their recharge zones, the areas where the water sinks into the ground. We also protect fragile and endangered ecosystems by protecting the caves, sinkholes, streams, and forests that threatened plants and animals inhabit.
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The Dames Cave Area Gets A Facelift
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